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Jazz Music Cds :: About Birdland Records - twenty five years and still going strong

it was TWENTY FIVE  years ago....  


Birdland opened in Barrack St on 8/10/91  !!!

Wow - we made it to Twenty something !! 4 moves, 2 ARIA's, a bakers dozen album releases and 24 years on the clock. A big thanks to all who've contributed in one way or another over the years: ex birdland workers, musicians, reviewers, promoters, record company folk, radio folk, - there are too many to mention by name. But we are especially grateful to you, the customer / client / friend for keeping us in a state of arrested development for the last twenty years.

Without your ongoing support we wouldn't be here and we would have to get proper jobs. So a big thanks to you. Keep on keeping on. Cheers

the crew



Birdland Records opened in October 1991 and we are still finding great music from all over the world on cd, lp, dvd, and sacd. and now on shm sacd.


Our record label won an ARIA for best jazz album for our second release , the brilliant
"Fire" by Mark Simmonds Freeboppers and in 2007 we got our second ARIA for
"Duologue" by Mike Nock and Dave Liebman.

Our releases:

"2 @ 1" by Matt McMahon and Guy Strazz

"Pendulum" by Judy Bailey

"Dig my Garden" by the Steve Hunter band

"Duologue" by Mike Nock and Dave Liebman. ARIA Winner

"Dream Wheel" by the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra

"As wide as the sky" by Tony Gorman and Bobby Singh

"Blue Sun Red Moon" by Blow

"Ascension Live" by the oynsemble melbourne

"Kaboom" by James Muller   ARIA Nominee

"Solo" - O/S/T

"Old School" by the Theak-Tet

"Fire" by Mark Simmonds Freeboppers   ARIA Winner

"Touch" by Mike Nock  ARIA Nominee

Please take the time to browse through our website. We have an extensive range of jazz music cds at great prices. Approximately 70% of our stock is listed on website. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, chances are we could have it. Just contact us and we are happy to assist. New cds, SHM SACDs, SACDs, Vinyl LPs and DVDs added almost daily.