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Various Artists - Numero 027 Eccentric Soul: Smart's Palace

The Numero Group's Eccentric Soul reissue series documents the output of thriving, but overlooked, independent labels from the fringes of the American soul scene. Previous volumes of the series have unearthed incredible music from far-flung locales like Phoenix, Arizona, and Columbus, Ohio; the 13th volume in the series, SMART'S PALACE, collects 20 tracks originally released on the Wichita, Kansas-based Solo label. Label owner Dick Smart stood at the center of Wichita's small but flourishing scene, playing bass on a number of Solo recordings, promoting them on his local radio show, and setting up gigs at Smart's Palace, a popular night spot of which he was the proprietor. The material collected here ranges from the proto-disco strut of Chocolate Snow's "Inflation" to the slinky funk of Fred Williams's incredible "Tell Her."
Smart's Palace was anything but royal. Beyond the bloodlines of the Smart Brothers and their jester brother Leroy, the only kings and queens to be discovered there were JB and Aretha playing on the Wurlitzer. However, between 1963-1975 the club held court for the entire Wichita, Kansas soul scene. At its heart was Dick Smart, bassist, club owner, DJ, record store owner, promoter, and sole proprietor of the Solo label. Collected here for the first time is the story and songs that came out of this thriving, if not totally unknown scene. Housed in Numero's signature slipcase, the 19 track disc features Theron & Darrell, Baby Neal, Chocolate Snow, L.T. & the Soulful Dynamics, Fred Williams & the Jewels Band, and The Hard Road.
Various Artists - Numero 027 Eccentric Soul: Smarts Palace 


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