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Davy Knowles & Back Door Slam - Coming Up For Air

After the critical and commercial triumph of 2007's ROLL AWAY, Isle Of Man blues-rock guitarist and singer Davy Knowles and his Back Door Slam returned in 2009 with the Peter Frampton-produced COMING UP FOR AIR. The Frampton connection is especially important since Knowles is stressing the rock side of his musical equation this time out, complete with AOR-worthy old-school songcraft such as the title track and "Tearing Down The Walls." No matter what the genre however, Knowles is without doubt a greatly gifted player; he takes the most smartly constructed solos with a rich, fat tone, very reminiscent of James Gang-era Joe Walsh. And even though bassist Adam Jones and drummer Ross Doyle have pursued a different musical path since this recording, right here these boys are a tight, rocking power trio who show more than a little substance.
After a brief break from two years of non-stop touring, Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam is back with a new album produced by Peter Frampton and mixed by Bob Clearmountain. Coming Up For Air, a smorgasbord of rockers and acoustic ballads, includes Davy's and Peter's dueling guitar solos on George Harrison's anthem, "Heal Me Lord," and an extraordinary bonus track duet with Jonatha Brooke of her "Taste of Danger." The album is built around nine Davy originals (two co-written with Peter Frampton). Highlights include rockers "Tear Down The Walls" and "Riverbed" and the soulful "Can't Take This Back." After a three week solo stint opening for Jeff Beck in April, Davy and the band are hitting the road again in support of this album.
Davy Knowles & Back Door Slam - Coming Up For Air 


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