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Eden Brent - Mississippi Number one

1 Mississippi Flatland Blues
2 He'll Do the Same Thing to You
3 Darkness on the Delta
4 Love Me 'Til Dawn
5 Fried Chicken
6 Mississippi Number One
7 Man I Love, The
8 Careless Love
9 Meet You Anywhere
10 Why Don't You Do Right
11 Afraid to Let Go
12 Close the Door
13 All Over Me
14 Trouble in Mind
15 Until I Die
Dubbed "Little Boogaloo" by her late mentor, Abie "Boogaloo" Ames, Eden Brent had more than two decades of singing the blues under her belt by the time of 2008's MISSISSIPPI NUMBER ONE, her first widely released record. Born in the heart of the Magnolia State in Greenville, Brent's passionate voice is cut by a subtly dark sultriness. She wields it with remarkable versatility as the mood shifts from jazz torch ("Love Me `Til Dawn") to straight delta blues ("Careless Love") to boogie-woogie both fast ("Meet You Anywhere") and slow ("Why Don't You Do Right"). Brent's debut is an earnest yet scorching introduction to a new old voice from the South.
Eden Brent - Mississippi Number one 


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