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Kurt Rosenwinkel - Standards Trio - Reflections


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The jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel has spent most of his career perfecting an aerodynamic yet pensive style, stamped both by virtuosity and introspection. His albums within the last decade have revolved around original music, often with piano in the mix, and always with tenor saxophone. “Reflections” (Wommusic) is different, a product of his new Standards Trio, featuring Eric Revis on bass and Eric Harland on drums. With a few songbook ballads and two songs apiece by Wayne Shorter and Thelonious Monk, it’s the closest thing to a conventional jazz-guitar album that Mr. Rosenwinkel, who just turned 39, has released in a long while. And while he sounds like his hyper-fluent self here, especially when unfurling a chord arpeggio or skittering down a scale, he’s after a certain kind of mood: reflective, like the album’s title. That’s one reason “East Coast Love Affair,” a lone original, and the title track from his 1996 debut, feels like so natural an inclusion. It holds him to the most personal of standards, illustrating how far he’s come.

New York Times review

Kurt Rosenwinkel - Standards Trio - Reflections 


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