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Eivind Aarset & the Sonic Codex Orchestra - Live Extracts

Eivind On Live Extracts

Although I spend most of my time and energy working in the studio, fiddling with sonic details, I love to play live - and I often play better guitar live than in the studio. The interaction between the musicians improvising in front of a live audience is very different and can be more intense than in the controlled enviroment of a studio. I am happy that we captured some of those moments.

However, producing a live album is also a difficult process in the sense that I have to sacrifice a level of control, having to live with all the audio leakage between the different instruments. But that loss of perfection also creates a special dynamic of its own. My decision was to keep editing to a minimum, avoiding overdubs, and not cut the track lengths in order to keep the live energy.

Often after concerts, people ask to buy records of the music we played, music that is often completely different to the versions recorded in the studio. I think it's cool to have a CD out now that captures the evolution of the music, and allows people who have not heard the band live to get a taste of the atmosphere of the live performances. I am very proud of my studio records, but they are works of their own, with their own message. Live Extracts presents a different picture of the music, one that I am equally proud of.
Eivind Aarset & the Sonic Codex Orchestra - Live Extracts 


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