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Beady Belle - At Welding Bridge

New release from Norway's Beady Belle who since 2001 have been at the forefront of nu jazz, with their superbly chilled music written and sung by co-founder Beate S. Lech. As before the focus is on Lech's amazing voice, an extraordinary instrument of sweet, supple and seductive qualities.

'At Welding Bridge', is named not for a place but a musical attitude, what Lech describes as a spanning and seamless melding of a variety of styles and influences - from country music to urban cool jazz, soul and electronica.

Album opener "Diamond in the Rough" exemplifies the freewheeling mix of textures and moods, downshifting the intricate melodic lines with acoustic strokes, a pulsing beat and lovely piano notes. Elsewhere, reed and brass arrangements, what Lech calls her "symphonic elements", are crucial to the album's success, adding striking undertones to songs like the intricately constructed "Turn Back Time" and dark-hued "The Storm.

Personnel: Beate S. Lech (vocals), Marius Reksjo (electric bass), Erik Holm (drums, percussion, drum programming), David Wallumrod (keyboards), Jorn Oien (piano), Geir Sundstol (guitars), Bjorn Lier (electric guitar), Lars Horntfeth (bass clarinet, flute), Hild Sofie Tafjord (horn)

Beady Belle - At Welding Bridge 


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