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Dick & Christa Hughes - 21st Century Blues

An album of classic 1920s Blues performed by two of Australia's leading exponents of the genre and reinterpreted for the 21st Century.

Christa Hughes has been singing the Blues since she could talk and her father Dick Hughes is one of the undisputed legends of the Australian jazz & blues scene. Featuring the classic blues songs of WC Handy, Bessie Smith, Memphis Slim and Jelly Roll Morton with a truly bizarre yet stunning version of Basement Jaxx "Good Luck".

Guest artists include Jim Conway on harmonica and Bob Barnard on trumpet. The album also includes an authentic New Orleans style funeral band complete with Sousaphone, banjo and bass drum.

And gargling !


SMH Revew

 On the surface it's a long ride from Christa Hughes' work with the provocative Machine Gun Fellatio to her singing early jazz and blues songs with pianist father. But when you consider the innuendo-laden nature of many of these lyrics from nearly a century ago it's really just a quick, slippery slide. Hughes is at her best belting out "St Louis Blues" and swooning across "Summertime". Sometimes she can't escape the awkwardness of having to ape past black singers to make the songs ring true. Dick Hughes, meanwhile, has a flair for playing the least possible notes at the piano to make the songs work. Guests include Bob Barnard and Jim Conway. Great Fun.

John Shand

Dick & Christa Hughes - 21st Century Blues 


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