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Lamb - 5

Only available in Australia !  Or at Lamb gigs at the moment.


When Lamb wrapped up their pre-hiatus shows seven years ago, they left a number of clues pointing to a fully-fledged return sometime in the future. Even the album they were touring back then, 2003’s good-but-not-great Between Darkness And Wonder, didn’t appear to have a sense of finality to it.

Five years later, Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow re-embraced and resumed their creative partnership with gusto. Following two triumphant Australian tours (in early 2010 and this February), the duo have their fifth album proper on their hands – and as far as comeback efforts go, it’s rather fantastic.

Released down under ahead of Lamb’s native UK, 5 contains all of the duo’s signature ingredients – Rhodes’ inimitable, captivating warble, Barlow’s spidery beats, velvety double bass – along with some expertly-crafted songs. Another Language opens the LP with a celestial chorus of sampled wine glasses (the sound Imogen Heap made an artform on Ellipse’s First Train Home); Butterfly Effect has enough moody atmospherics to please the most demanding fans and Wise Enough is a sensual slowie set to feature in many bedroom playlists.

Three fine solo albums in, Rhodes has become an adept guitar player; consequently, the propulsive, six-string-led Build A Fire and the pastoral, melancholic Rounds are respectively Lamb’s rockiest and folkiest moments to date. The Australian edition’s bonus track – Damien Rice collaboration Back To Beginning – is arguably the band’s prettiest tune since 2001’s career-pinnacle Gabriel.

What is that sound? One that lingers on.



Lamb - 5 


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