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Lulo Reinhardt's Latin Swing Project - Katoomba Birds

Lulo Reinhardt - Guitar

Daniel Weltlinger - Violin

Sean Mackenzie - Piano

Harald Becher - Bass

Uli Kramer - Drums


“Hitting London at the end of a three-week UK tour, his intensity gripped the crowd instantly.”

Jack Massarik - London Evening Standard

" the finest concert of acoustic guitar I have ever seen .."
John Shand. The Sydney Morning Herald

“Reinhardt played with a crispness that was almost swashbuckling, with his articulation equalled by violinist Daniel Weltlinger’s zestful attack and keyboardist Sean Mackenzie’s Latin American chops.”
Rob Adams. Scotland Herald

Lulo Reinhardt is the foremost authentic and distinctive musical voice in Gypsy music today. Critics and fans agree that it is not solely because Lulo is the great nephew of world-famous musician extraordinaire Django Reinhardt: It's about Lulo's unique musical style, and his ability to make it appear so utterly effortless.

Lulo Reinhardt’s Latin Swing project featuring an international line-up is a unique fusion of styles including Flamenco, Latin and Brazilian jazz and of course Lulo’s Gypsy hot club Jazz roots are never that far away.

In 2008 Lulo and the Latin Swing project found a new audience in Australia after a successful tour and recorded the CD and DVD, “Lulo Reinhardt Live in Melbourne.

In 2011 The Latin Swing project have just released their second CD “Katoomba Birds”.


Lulo Reinhardts Latin Swing Project - Katoomba Birds 


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