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Various Artists - The Woodstock Experience 10 CD Set

Simply put, this whopping ten-CD collection contains all five deluxe volumes in Sony Legacy's WOODSTOCK EXPERIENCE set. The artists--Sly & the Family Stone, Johnny Winter, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, and Janis Joplin--are each represented by a double-disc collection: the first album in each set is a classic studio album from the same period as the Woodstock Festival--in Sly's case, it was STAND!, in Santana's it was their debut set (which wasn't out yet), in Joplin's, I GOT DEM OL' KOZMIC BLUES AGAIN, MAMA!, in the Airplane's it was VOLUNTEERS (also not out yet), and Johnny Winter's representing his debut as well as a preview of his forthcoming SECOND WINTER LP. Each of these classic albums is the standard remastered edition but packaged in an LP sleeve. The second disc in most cases--the Airplane, whose set was much longer than anyone else represented here is the exception--is the complete, unexpurgated Woodstock performance wonderfully remastered and mixed by Eddie Kramer. For classic rock fans this is the mother lode; however, given the price tag, most folks will more than likely pick and choose the volumes by their favorite artists and let the box slide for now.
JANIS JOPLIN, SLY & THE FAMILY STONE, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, JOHNNY WINTER AND SANTANA! It's the WOODSTOCK EXPERIENCE cd's all in a cute little boxset! These are the COMPLETE performances for each of the artists, You get the studio album AND their complete performances at Woodstock! Unreleased tracks, rare photos, posters!
Various Artists - The Woodstock Experience 10 CD Set 


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