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Fumio Yasuda - Kakyoku

Musicians   Compositions
Fumio Yasuda [piano, melodica, sampler];
Ernst Reijseger [violon cello]
and the European Art Orchestra: Bernd Ruf [conductor];
Ben Hudson [1st violin, leader]; Wolfgang Kussmaul,
Midori Tanaka, Dan Abitbol Tov-El, Peter Schulmeister [1st violin];
Henning Trübsbach, Uta Terjung, Pal Korbey, Natascha Murina [2nd violin];
Tetsuya Hayashi, Axel Porath, Stefanie Lauer-Schmalz [viola]; Ulrike Eikenbusch, Sebastian Foron [violon cello];
Veit Hübner [double bass]; Laima Svarlyte [harp];
Ulrich Schlumberger [accordion]; Kirsten Drope [soprano]
  1. Kakyoku
2. Death Sentiment I
3. Death Sentiment II
4. Death Sentiment III
5. Death Sentiment IV
6. Death Sentiment V
7. Tari
8. Kain
9. Tango for November
10. Things that are missing here
11. Love Scenes
12. Gig
13. In 1930
14. Blue Ruins
15. Fragment of Portrait
16. To the Mark of Dream
17. Song of Lydia
18. Last Requiem
19. Kakyoku

Compositions by Fumio Yasuda

total time: 65:11
Fumio Yasuda - Kakyoku 


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