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Ernst Reijseger & Franco D'Andrea - I love you so much it hurts

Musicians   Compositions
Ernst Reijseger [cello];
Franco D’Andrea [piano]
  1. In a sentimental mood [Ellington]
2. Night and day [Cole Porter]
3. Two colors [Franco D’Andrea]
4. Ma l’amore no [D’Anzi, Curci]
5. Afro abstraction [D’Andrea]
6. Hi there [Sean Bergin]
7. Amore baciami [C. A. Rossi]
8. You do something to me [Porter]
9. Complex eight [Mengelberg]
10. Reflections [Thelonious Monk]
11. I love you so much it hurts [Floyd Tillman]

total time: 55:35



We owe it to chance that Ernst Reijseger and Franco D'Andrea ran into each other three years ago. The paths of the two masters of their instrument (cello and piano), both of them long time protagonists on the European jazz scene, had never crossed before.

But a short encounter was all it took to make affinities manifest and to convince the two musicians to pursue their collaboration. Their telepathic understanding, which only the sensibility of jazz allows on such a high level, can be felt from the first measures of I love you so much it hurts, which is the result of a series of recent live performances by the duo.

The age old relationship between cello and piano is reinvented by Reijseger and D'Andrea as they go along, bowling over our expectations; identification with a classical, or even jazz, "repertoire" is proscribed as they zigzag across their sound realm, free of prejudice, full of irony and lyrical abandon.

The musicians' path is marked by aesthetic adventure, by the breach of all linguistic conventions. Since the beginning of the 80's, Ernst Reijseger has been one of the most appreciated cellists on the improvised music scene.

Having fallen at a young age into the cauldron of Dutch free-jazz, he perfected the music of Sean Bergin, Guus Jansen and Michael Moore and was the backbone of the ICP Orchestra as well as the Trio Clusone (with Han Bennik and Michael Moore). He works with many groups, among which the Gerry Hemingway-Quintet and the Amsterdam String Trio. And in-between as a soloist.

Several Reijseger productions have already been published by Winter & Winter: "Colla Parte" (N° 910 012-2, for solo cello), "Colla Voce" (N° 910 037-2), in collaboration with Alan Purves and the Sardinian choir Tenore e Cuncordu de Orosei, as well as the Amsterdam String Trio's "Winter Theme" (N°910 060-2).

Franco D'Andrea is a depositary of the heritage of modern Italian jazz, has been ever since the avant-garde of the early 60's with the Modern Art Trio, as the preferred pianist of American soloists passing through, as a member of the Perigeo and, from the 80's on, as an all-round composer and improviser. In more recent times, D'Andrea has formed the orchestra "Eleven"; he leads a quartet and has just brought out eight CDs with piano improvisations.

The repertoire from I love you so much it hurts plays on several fronts, without ever losing sight of the leading strand, a sober yet playful approach toward the sound material. It seems as though the two are constantly challenging each other with the most varied combinations of timbre, color and rhythm which the selected themes have to offer.

Surely, "Night and Day" was never before played in such an unusual arrangement. Reijseger's electrifying arpeggios make up the harmonic foundation to D'Andrea's minimalist playing with fragments from the theme, bringing "Night and Day" to peaks of intensity.

The two Italian songs "Ma L'Amore No" and "Amore Baciami" were rarely performed in such lyrical and melancholy versions. Reijseger displays all of his instrument's polysemic potential: with the complex "Afro abstractions", the cello turns into a set of drums and at times, through a broadening of the range of the timbri, into a guitar. And in D'Andrea's piano playing style, swing jazz and African polyrhythms, polytonal structures and the essence of blues all come together.

- Stefano Merighi, August 2002

Ernst Reijseger & Franco DAndrea - I love you so much it hurts 


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