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Various Artists - Three Score & Ten / 7cd boxset

THREE SCORE AND TEN is seven CDs(144 tracks) in a ten by ten inch hardback book, with dust jacket containing 108 profusely illustrated, full colour pages with a narrative portrait of Topic from 1939 to the present day. Also included separately is a complete discography of every Topic release from 1939 to the newest releases in 2009.

There are 144 tracks that cover all aspects of Topic's recording history in 7 themed CDs with many rare tracks never before on CD. The extensive text gives a detailed recording and social history with profiles of the essential recordings, principle artists and key personages. The many hundreds of illustrations are a revelation in themselves, anchoring the whole project with photos of the artists, album sleeves, advertising leaflets, snapshots and memorabilia.


• "Plenty of passion" redstarredstarredstarredstar Financial Times

redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar Telegraph Review

"Topic deserves its iconic status as a label – not so much a box set, more a veritable heartbeat of a nation" Penguin Eggs

"If there is one thing about folk music which distinguishes it from any other musical form, it’s the priority it gives to the narrative voice. Go not gently.” The Independent

"This seven-CD set tells the 70-year Topic story with elan… It’s a cornucopia of cultural history" The Observer

“You half imagine yourself descending in some sonic submersible as you ease your way into the extraordinary body of music contained in Three Score & Ten, Topic Record’s 70th birthday gift to itself and its listeners. It comprises a hardback coffee-table book of 108 pages, with seven discs embedded in its covers, and a separate, complete catalogue of Topic release. It’s one of the finest boxed sets I have ever seen..... as you proceed deeper and deeper, it’s as if you’ve stumbled into some vast seam of rare and essential minerals…you know you’re among the raw stuff of life here.” redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar Songlines

redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar "As the subtitle of this compilation suggests, folk music has been, and always will be, the voice to (and of) the people. Topic, more than most, nade sure that voice was heard.” Record Collector

• “The complete package is as important a CD set as any ever issued, allowing us to enjoy and learn from a really important musical heritage that continues to reverberate throughout so much music today.” Shindig

• “Topic has produced a lavish – no other word for it – publication…a reminder of how vital Topic has been to the development of the revival – we couldn’t have done it without you Topic...... This is seventy years of the Topic Records’ catalogue on iPod shuffle! .... Not only do you get seven CDs’ worth of superb recordings, but there’s also a 108-page book – full colour, with a host of archival photographs, history of the label, pen portraits of the key players in the label’s history and more besides.”” EDS - EFDSS Magazine

redstarredstarredstarredstar "It’s a compelling collection, including Davy Graham’s ‘Anji’, a seminal piece of ’60s folk that started off the ‘blues baroque’ style, plus the heavenly voices of women like Shirley Collins and June Tabor.” Your Choice

“Fab liner notes plus disc after disc of great music” redstarredstarredstarredstarredstar Metro Life



Various Artists - Three Score & Ten / 7cd boxset 


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