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Bill Frisell - Beautiful Dreamers

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Bill Frisell - guitar
Eyvind Kang - viola
Rudy Royston - drums

Produced by Lee Townsend


Recording and Mixing Engineer: Adam Muñoz Mastering Engineer: Greg Calbi Production Assistance: Adam Blomberg

Recorded and Mixed at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, Ca March/April 2010 Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York

Song List:  

1) Love Sick (1:03)
2) Winslow Homer (3:32)
3) Beautiful Dreamer (for Karle Seydel) (3:02)
4) A Worthy Endeavor (for Cajori) (5:24)
5) It¹s Nobody's Fault But Mine (4:34)
6) Baby Cry (6:21)
7) Benny's Bugle (3:31)
8) Tea For Two (4:28)
9) No Time To Cry (1:36)
10) Better Than A Machine (for Vic Chesnutt) (2:49)
11) Goin¹ Out Of My Head (2:46)
12) Worried Woman (4:44)
13) Keep On The Sunny Side (2:26)
14) Sweetie (4:28)
15) All We Can Do (6:16)
16) Who Was That Girl? (6:14)


Bill Frisell - Beautiful Dreamers 


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