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Mark Simmonds Freeboppers - Fire

Aria Award for best jazz album in 1995


2 cd set

An essential Australian jazz cd by one of the few genius' I've ever heard play. This is the one and only album by the Freeboppers - every song they recorded at this session is on this 2 disc album.

Mark's compositions, musicality and downight genius are heard on this album. He no longer performs or plays so if you want to hear the sound of one of the true greats of music this is place.

FIRE was voted by the Australian public as the best Australian Jazz Album. EVER. ................

With Scott Tinkler, Steve Elphick and Simon Barker. Recorded live at Electric Avenue Studios direct to a 2 track vintage analogue Studer and then mastered in 24 bit SBM this is a sonic marvel. The mix is what the band agreed on at the time and once it was down on tape that was it - no remixing or anything, so what you hear is what Mark and the band wanted you to hear. Everything that the tape captured is on the cd. And there's a lot to hear !

Turn it up LOUD to feel the Fire.



Music from this cd is featured in Emma Franz's documentary film "Intangible Asset Number 82"


Mark Simmonds Freeboppers - Fire 


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