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Tony Gorman and Bobby Singh - As wide as the sky

Sydney Morning Herald review - "What a perfect circle: the music is recorded in a CD shop (Birdland), released on that shop's own lable, and then sold where it was recorded. Filling the circle is Tony Gorman's infinitely nuanced clarinet playing, perhaps less anguished than on his mesmerising "Songs of Hope" album, but no less moving. In fact this pensive music is so devoid of affectation, it seems to bore its way directly through your sternum with no mental processing; with no concern for labels, beyond an awareness of the purity of the improvising. Gorman begins by himself, gently accompanied by synthetic drones, before being joined by tabla wizard Bobby Singh on four duets. Miraculously, Singh seems to compound rather than dilute the sense of intimacy; the sense that the music is being whispered in your ear, like a confession from a best friend. And the fact you are being let in on this confidence swells your heart. John Shand As heard on the Music Show and recently featured on the Weekend Planet. 

Tony Gorman and Bobby Singh  - As wide as the sky 


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