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Darren Heinrich Trio - New Vintage Tunes for the Hammond Organ

Following a tribute album to those doyens of the organ, Jimmy Smith and Larry Young, Darren Heinrich's new project consists exclusively of original material, with two versions of his trio
providing variety in how the pieces are interpreted.

Half the tracks are performed with the elegance of Steve Brien's guitar and the crispness of Andrew Dickeson's drumming, and the rest with Simon Relf's more visceral guitar and Tim Firth's more open-
ended drumming.

Bonding the two bands together is the mighty sound of Heinrich's Hammond organ, slicing through the other instruments like machete one moment, and riding the groove of his snappy tunes the next.

John Shand  SMH


4 Star review:

After the popularity of the Hammond organ in the 1950s and '60s, the instrument mostly receded from jazz until its reappearance in the '90s. Sydney organist-composer Darren Heinrich keeps the traditional trio format of organ, guitar and drums for his debut album of original compositions. The tunes vary from the relaxed ballad I Don't Know through bluesy pieces such as Slinky to the bop influences of Easy Autumn. Heinrich uses two different trios here, the first with guitarist Steve Brien and drummer Andrew Dickeson. They open proceedings with Lunar, featuring an empathetic guitar solo and ensemble work while Heinrich's solo strides out powerfully, adding that characteristic Hammond wail from upper register chords. Simon Relf on guitar and drummer Tim Firth feature in the second trio, playing some smart guitar-organ unison passages on Hicksville, where energetic drumming underscores the final theme. The many Hammond fans will welcome this CD, with its satisfying performances of impressive compositions.

John McBeath  - The Australian


3 Ĺ stars
Showcasing the Hammond organistís originals in two distinct trio settings; Heinrich has inhaled the musical breath of Jimmy Smith, Larry Young and Dr Lonnie Smith and exhaled a freshness and originality in composition and smart chops stylistically rooted in the Hammond-guitar trio tradition. The first with guitarist Steve Brien, whose light fleeting fingering complements drummer Andrew Dickesonís intricate Blakeyesque patterns. The second trio carries weightier definition with Simon Relfís guitar and Tim Firthís funkier drums. Produced by organ master Tony Monaco; for organ fans with a connection to the greats of the instrument, this is where itís at in Australia.
Peter Wockner - Limelight


New Vintage Tunes for the Hammond Organ is perhaps a first for Australian Jazz - an album of entirely original material performed by an organ trio.

The 10 tracks (and 2 bonus tracks), composed by Darren, run the gamut of the jazz spectrum in style. Swing, Funk, Boogaloo, Ballads & Blues all get a workout here, and while Darren's influences may be evident to Hammond fans, the music is undeniably original and fresh.

Produced by legendary US organist Tony Monaco during a visit to Australia, the album was recorded over two days by engineer Richard Belkener. Liner notes written by New York organist Pat Bianchi.

"New Vinatage"  features Darren with two trios :  one with Steve Brien - guitar and Andrew Dickeson - drums, and the other trio is Simon Relf - guitar with Tim Firth - drums.

Excellent stuff.


The Poledancer
I Don't Know
Easy Autumn
Hello Goodbye
Three Shades of Green
Bonus Tracks

Meanderthal (old school version)
Willow (new school version)

Darren Heinrich Trio - New Vintage Tunes for the Hammond Organ 


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