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The Fantastic Terrific Munkle - Music to dance to

If the little potato-people cartoon figures on the cover of this CD came to life, this is the music they would play: quirky, goofy, madcap and sometimes slightly sad.

With this second release the Fantastic Terrific Munkle burst right through a barrier that has defied most people for centuries: how to make instrumental music that is witty and amusing without just being silly.

Not that there's anything wrong with silliness, per se, but such music to tends be a one-listen- only joke. Julian Curwin (guitars, banjo) and Sam Golding (tuba,trumpet, flute) have written pieces that will withstand repeated scrutiny, because the humour is so deft and multi-faceted.

It's there in the melodies, the textures, the call-and-response non-sequiturs and the very precision with which the maddest episodes of this jazz/klezmer/cowboy music amalgam are rendered.

John Shand 



1. The Joy Of The Traffic king
2. The 3 Numbs
3. Honkey Donkey
4. The Girl Who Can't Dance Says The Band Can't Play
5. Incidental Gaucho
6. Eight-Footed Stomp Monster
7. Clippity
8. Chuggabug
9. Harold
10. Ohm Pom Pom
11. Turkish Bath
12. The Absent-Minded Saint
13. So Long (The Shortest Staw)
14. Bossa Nostra    
Martin Kay - clarinet, bass clarinet
Julian Curwin - guitar, banjo
Sam Golding - tuba, trumpet, flute
Danny Heifetz - drums, percussion

The Fantastic Terrific Munkle - Music to dance to 


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