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The New Dynamites - The New Dynamites

Fronted by fiery guitarist-cum singer Jess Green, The New Dynamites spent autumn 2008 at BigJesusBurger Studios.  The result is 5 tracks and live footage, to be released May 11th 2009.
The self-titled EP serves up the culmination of 3 years together and countless years apart.  The band’s blend of guitars skank, wail, and chug along, drawing from a huge range of influences.  From Waiting for A Lift’s stop-start funk grooves reminiscent of David Bowie and Talking Heads though to Habit’s ‘zappaesque’ jazz rock choruses.  Guitarist Arne Hanna, whose lengthy career has included performances and recording with music legends Nick Cave and Michael Hutchence, lends his experienced craftsmanship to the band with his unmistakable groove.
If punctuating this EP with a prevalent blues undercurrent and rock sensibility have given it a familiar style, the lyrics, giving voice to the modern girl turning her guitar up above the polite din, exclamation mark it with individuality. Green’s vocals & lyrics shout back to soul and funk greats, yet they also manage a nod to pre & post punk legends such as Patti Smith and PJ Harvey.   Moments of love gone wrong meet crazy monty pythonesque fairytails as the music sidesteps clichés and punches above its weight.  

The New Dynamites - The New Dynamites 


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