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Dave Brewer - Life of Riley

Loved for his bluesy, rhythmic electric guitar with the Catholics and the Dynamic Hepnotics, Dave Brewer’s debut solo CD Life of Riley featuring 10 original compositions, the album represents the culmination of the many styles of music that Dave has played over the years including Blues, Reggae, Soul, Funk, Afro etc. with a uniquely cohesive quality throughout the album.


  Four years ago Lucky Oceans used Dave Brewer on his "Secret Steel" album, and a musical rapport between the two Western Australians was established that continues here. The music is a typically eclectic cruise through blues, country, reggae and more, and all the while the harsh Perth sun seems to glint off each note from Brewer's electric guitar and Oceans' pedal steel.

Both like to envelope the listener in a haze of congenial melody, spiced with sudden stings, but where the pedal steel has that languid sustain, Brewer works in the stabbing phrases and heightened drama of the blues, crowned with his trademark use of tremolo. He has penned a mix of laid-back instrumentals and songs carrying his own homely vocals, ably accompanied by double bassist Matt Willis and drummer Ric Eastman (who were also on Oceans' CD). There are guest horns and organ, but it is the back-porch mood and scintillating intermingling of the two contrasting guitars that makes this album so appealing.

John Shand SMH

Dave Brewer - Life of Riley 


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