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Ray Beadle - Loaded

At last a new Ray Beadle CD !  and about time ! Loaded has 14 original songs from Ray and the band. Smokin' blend of blues, rhythm and grooves. Great geetaring, soulful singing and damn fine songs. 



Ray Beadle's career as a guitarist started when he was just 9.

Ray Beadle is an established Sydney based blues musician. Considered among some of the best in Australian Blues, this talented young musician had been noticed world wide.

He released his first solo CD "Movin' On" in 1998, a CD with the infamous King Brothers (trio format) in 2000 and "The Good Life" in 2001 with his band, the Vipers. Don't try to order  these cds -  both out of print  at the moment. He also features on CDs with Bridie & the Boogie Kings and many others.

Ray’s tours of the USA have been very successful. He has played a 3 month residency with the house band in B.B King’s Club in Memphis and Buddy Guy’s Blues Club in Chicago as well as several Southern Blues festivals. While in America Ray recorded with Mark Sallings. Ray has also had the privelge of being asked to play with American greats such as Andy Just, Dave Bowen and Chris Cain.

Chris Cain has said,
“Ray is unquestionably one of the finest musicians I have come across …His song writing has a harmonic and emotional depth that many strive for but few capture. Ray’s guitar work…well, lets just say this cat is VERY dangerous.”

Ray Beadle - Loaded 


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