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Joseph Tawadros - Angel - Limited Edition

deleted.  don't order.  Coming out as part of a 3 cd set sometime soon.  

JT greatest hits ?  or "Now that's what I call Oud !



ANGEL - Joseph Tawadros, James Tawadros, Matt McMahon (Piano), Dimitri Vouras (Clarinet) JT 2008
Angel Suite in D

  1. I -  Light      6:35
  2. II -  Spinning Around      3:19
  3. III -  There      4:16
  4. IV -  Stranger      5:21
  5. V -  Angel      5:34
  6. Req' Taqasim      1:36
  7. Fallen      6:09
Hand In Hand Suite in C    
  8. I -  Eyes      5:08
  9. II -  Mind      4:50
10. III -  Heart      6:28
11. IV -  Hand In Hand     11.07
12. Oud Taqasim      4.27
13. Soul      7:12
14. Guardian      5:18
Total playing time :    77:50



“Secular music reaches for the sacred when an underlying fervour is inverted into formality layered with mystery. Australia's foremost oud player, Joseph Tawadros, achieves this with Angel, which announces his arrival as an exceptional composer.”
“Every melody induces a wonderment partly a response to the sheer beauty and partly an eerie sense of prior familiarity that simultaneously creates disquiet and intense wellbeing”

“Little glints of Debussy shine through cracks in the use of Egyptian scales, rhythms and forms. The playing and recording are as outstanding as the sad, yearning compositions”

- Sydney Morning Herald 27-6-2008

“Intensity and profound melancholy lyricism”

- Limelight Magazine, June 2008

“A unique artistic achievement by one of Ausrtalia’s promising young musicians. Tawadros combines the oud with piano, clarinet, Bendir and req to create an astonishing and unique musical language that defies categorisation. Its not traditionally egyptian, its not classical, its not jazz. You simply have to hear it.”
- Qantas Magazine, May 2008

“Angel confirmed his ability as a composer to fuse and blend convincingly and unselfconsciously, while rooting the music in that Egyptian heritage”
“Melodies to summon Angels”

“Impassioned improvisations”

“Tawadros was superb throughout…with the gripping beauty of his playing, his sound was a joy.”

- Sydney Morning Herald, 18-4-2008

4 1/2 STARS
"Joseph, whose virtuosity on the fretless Arabic lute is astounding given that he's only 24, also shows remarkable maturity and prowess as a composer, arranger and producer"

- The Weekend Australian, April 12-13, 2008

“The music of Egyptian born Australian based Joseph Tawadros traverses the boundaries of jazz, classical and world music, creating this seemingly effortless subdued fusion of genres and worlds.”

“This is the kind of exotic jazz that you’d dream of stumbling across late one night in the Middle East, yet the reality is that you’re probably more likely to see them closer to home in a concert hall.”

“It’s a really unique recording (Angel), lush and vibrant with a very much live feel continuing Tawadros’ desire to take the oud into new uncharted realms. He does so here, yet he does so with such confidence that it almost feels like he is merely carrying on a centuries old tradition.”

- Cyclic Defrost Magazine, Issue 19, 10-4-2008


Joseph Tawadros - Angel - Limited Edition 


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