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Various Artists - Samurai Spirit / Ganbare Nippon

$2 goes to Japanese Red Cross

it's a great compilation of Oz jazz:



1. Animus Part 1 (Tony Gorman) CLARION FRACTURE ZONE from Canticle RF060 6.47

2. Animus Part 2 (Tony Gorman) CLARION FRACTURE ZONE from Canticle RF060 2.43

3. Eulogy For A Friend (Sandy Evans)McGANN from Playground RF023 7.55

4. John Doe (Curwin) JULIAN CURWIN from The Mango Balloon Vol. 1 RF070 3.45

5. The Jocelyn Jive (Roger Manins) MANINS from Latitude RF096 15.36

6. Lapis Lazuli (Bertles) THE BOB BERTLES QUINTET from Cool Beans RF036 7.19

7. Apple S Remco (Keijzer) KEIJZER MCGUINESS QUINTET from The Seed Habit RF079 8.09

8. The Mermaid (Phillip Johnston) SNAP from Boggy Creek Bop RF076 3.36

9. Glaciation (3ofmillions) 3OFMILLIONS from Abstruction RF094 3.42

10. A Jade (ROIL) ROIL from Meaning RF099 2.30

11. Angel & Rickie-Lee (Lucian McGuiness) MY GOODNESS, McGUINESS! from Insular Peninsular RF089 4.39

12. Conversations (McNamara) PAUL McNAMARA from Conversations RF046 4.15

13. News From Home (Bruce Reid) The Field from News from Home RF069 3.06


1. Isospin (Mike Nock) TEN PART INVENTION from Tall Stories RF006 8.38

2. Good Grief (Warwick Alder) ALDER from Brendance RF087 6.55

3. M.D.D. (Miroslav Bukovsky) WANDERLUST from When In Rome RF077 8.17

4. Esprit de L’Escalier (Lloyd Swanton) THE CATHOLICS from Simple RF009 1.56

5. No Job Too Small (Trad.arr. James Greening/Andrew Robson) THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JAMES from No Job Too Small RF045 4.42

6. Texas/Sofia (Dave Jackson) TRIO APOPLECTIC from Sofia RF080 6.55

7. The Armstrong Chair (Stevens) TIM STEVENS TRIO from Scare Quotes RF098 5.05

8. Caught In Light (Spence) ALISTER SPENCE TRIO from fit RF085 2.58

9. D. Day (Bern McGann) McGANN from Double Dutch? RF103 14.02

10. Chorale (Robson) ANDREW ROBSON TRIO from Sunman RF062 1.45

11. Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Trad. arr. Evans) MARGIE EVANS from Drowning In The Sea Of Love RF014 7.53

12. After (Rollinson/Jonathan Zwartz/Hamish Stuart) TIM ROLLINSON TRIO from You Tunes RF092 5.17

Various Artists - Samurai Spirit / Ganbare Nippon 


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