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Steve Hunter - Cosmos

For over thirty years Steve Hunter has been creating original electric jazz music as band leader, bass player and composer. He has also played with some of the jazz giants, including Billy Cobham and Chick Corea.

The return of Andrew Gander (drums) to Sydney, with whom Steve has a long musical history, was the catalyst for the creation of this quartet. Matt McMahon is one of Australia's most respected and tasteful keyboard players. Relative newcomer Matt Keegan is making waves on sax.

With this line up, good music is expected. But occasionally the planets are in alignment and a particular gig captures an ineffable greatness. One night the gods were smiling and such a gig was recorded at 505 in Sydney, Australia.

The band hadn't set out with the intention of recording a live album. It was only when Steve listened to the tape that he knew something magical had been captured. This is Steve's first ever live album.


Reviewed in the Australian July 12th

Four and a half stars.

Picture Dirty Harry on a San Francisco rooftop, scouting the trajectory of a sniperís bullet. Thatís the cool jazz vibe of bassist Steve Hunterís latest album, Cosmos, yet this is no Clint Eastwood crime thriller soundtrack. Cosmos is very Australia 2014. It is updated, virtuoso jazz fusion with inventive improvisation, recorded at Sydneyís Venue 505.

Cosmos is Hunterís ninth album as band leader and he sets out with his remarkable quartet to give new treatments to his compositions. Itís adventurous considering the calibre of the musicians: Matt McMahon on piano, Andy Gander on drums and Matt Keegan on sax. McMahonís electric keyboards and the driving, yet often subtle, sublime tempo-shift drumming of Gander give Cosmos a nostalgic feel of Miles Davis from Bitches Brew, but the music jumps to more contemporary jazz realms.

Cosmos has no guitar: Hunter fills that void with bass, adding melody, playing chords. Hunter tunes The Kingston Grin and Letís Look are jazz with a fusion tinge, while Area 51 is a reflective tribute to musicians including Bill Evans, Roger Frampton and Tony Williams.

Brad Norington


Steve Hunter - Cosmos 


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