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Daniel Weltlinger - Koblenz: A Tribute to the family Rheinhardt

Australian born Daniel Weltlinger, has collaborated with musicians all over the world. Regarded by many as one of the world's leading violinists and composers, he is very deeply inspired by the music of French-Manouche composer, Django Reinhardt.

In 2011, Daniel released a beautiful centenary tribute CD of Django Reinhardt's music, 'Souvenirs'. Since then he has lived and worked in Europe, strengthening his ties with the Reinhardt family who he has been close to since he first annually started visiting Europe in 2004. Daniel regularly performs in ensembles with guitarist Lulo Reinhardt and Yiddish singer Karsten Troyke amongst many others, as well as fronts two of his own ensembles 'Zohar's Nigun' and 'The Asthmatix'. Koblenz is the first in a series of sequels to Souvenirs, and is proudly sponsored by French multinational Bank, BNP Paribas in Australia. The album consists entirely of original compositions with a multilayered storyline that commemorates the life and times of Django Reinhardt, the Reinhardt family based in Koblenz, the story of Sinti and Roma in Europe, as well as referencing Daniel's multi-national European family heritage and the Yiddish language which originates from the Rhineland region in Germany where Koblenz is located.

'Koblenz (5 stars) makes a thoughtful case for Django Reinhardt’s gypsy jazz as a kissing cousin to Klezmer. Weltlinger goes deep into the guitarist’s Sinti and Roma roots while touching on his own family history. The songs are an irresistible grouping...'

Kirk Silsbee - Downbeat, August 2015.

'The music of Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grappelli has spawned countless imitators and revivalists the world over, but where others have used the Gypsy swing idiom as a vehicle for virtuosity Weltlinger brings a refreshing sense of innocence to bear. The violinist imbues the melodies and his sound with a lightness and joyousness that can coexist with any sadness or pensiveness implicit in a given piece.'

John Shand - Sydney Morning Herald, January 4, 2015.

Daniel Weltlinger - Koblenz: A Tribute to the family Rheinhardt 


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