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Bobby Womack - The soul years - The best of

Blindingly good 24 bit remastered "best of" from the "Preacher".

Contains 22 tracks from his Capitol and Liberty releases. The best sounding Bobby Womack compilation there is. Great songs, sequencing, playing, singing - Essential.

And now that Solomon has passed he's "the last soul man" left. If you love soul you have to own some BW music.



Allmusic Guide Reviewby John Bush

Bobby Womack has had his fingers in so many different pies that his career has probably suffered for it. Instead of being pinned down to one time and one sound , Womack's work includes everything from the grittiest of blaxploitation ("Across 110th Street") to the smoothest of vocal pop ("I Left My Heart in San Francisco"). (And, by the way, he excelled at both.)

He was also a rare triple threat -- hot guitarist, hitmaking songwriter, and torrid vocalist. 

The 2008 collection The Best of Bobby Womack: The Soul Years presents Soul Maverick #1 in a tight set of 22 songs from the prime of his career, the late '60s and early '70s. All of his best singles are here, as are the best tracks from his best albums, Communication and Understanding.

Finally, the new remastering here provides sound that is vastly better than Womack has ever been given in the digital era.  The Best of Bobby Womack: The Soul Years is easily his best single-disc compilation.


Bobby Womack - The soul years - The best of 


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