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Junior Murvin - Police & Thieves / deluxe edition

1 Roots Train
2 Police and Thieves
3 Solomon
4 Rescue Jah Children
5 Tedious
6 False Teachin'
7 Easy Task
8 Lucifer
9 Workin' in the Cornfield
10 I Was Appointed
11 Version Train [aka Roots Train Dub]
12 Prediction Dub
13 Grumblin' Dub
14 Tedious Dub
15 Teachers Dub [False Teaching Dub]
16 Police and Thieves Radio Ad #1
1 Childhood Sweetheart
2 Memories [Extended Mix] - (remix)
3 Rasta Get Ready (People Get Ready) - (featuring Junior Murvin)
4 Grow Closer Together - (featuring Junior Murvin)
5 Roots Train [Extended Mix] - (remix)
6 False Teachin' - (alternate take)
7 I Was Appointed - (alternate take)
8 Cross Over
9 Cross Over Dub
10 Bad Weed
11 Soldier and Police War
12 No Justice
13 Magic Touch
14 Philistines on the Land
15 Bingo Kid
16 Bad Weed [Extended Mix] - (remix)
17 Police and Thieves Radio Ad #2
From 1977, and was regarded as one of the finest and important reggae collections of all time, 2cd set
Junior Murvin - Police & Thieves / deluxe edition 


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